About the Artist

Born in Paris, IL in 1952, Ed Vaughn is an up and coming artist who has been painting for over 25 years. Ed began painting poster art for rock concerts in the early 70s, (those very cool psychedelic Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Cream posters) that were all so prevalent during the Hippie generation. Then in the early 80′s, being newly married had little money to buy artwork to decorate the house. This sparked the idea to begin painting. Ed began painting reproductions of some of the beautiful architectural and landscape renditions of artist like John Constable and Monet. Some of these are found on his website as a demonstration and are not for sale as they are his personal developmental art renderings only. Through the 90′s and the early 2000′s, Ed was busy with raising a family and working outside of art, so he was unable to paint much other than a few gifts for family members from time to time.

In 2010, Ed was approached by the Paul Warner charity, a group that provides funds to give the needed expensive medical procedures to dogs that have been rescued from homes where they were severely mistreated. The task was to paint a canine art piece for auction which would raise money to replenish the fund. Being an avid dog lover and rescuer himself, Ed jumped at the chance to help out. Since the auction, Ed has fallen in love with painting again, and has yet to stop.

Today, the standard of Ed Vaughn paintings now ensures a constant stream of commission work. If he’s not working on an original for his private inventory or another picture suitable for his collection, he’ll be creating a portrait of someone’s nearest and dearest. This can consist of anything from your beloved pets, Portraits of your loved ones to architectural and landscape renderings.

An artist who is entirely self-taught, a self described Photo Realist Artist – Ed’s inspiration usually comes from his local surroundings, friends, family, etc. Every time someone’s pup inspires him or he sees a photo or takes one he likes, it stands a fairly high chance of being immortalized on canvas.

This website will from time to time show some of Ed’s works for Sale from the website and is designed to provide a framework and contact information for anyone that is interested in having a commission completed by Artist Ed Vaughn. Donations to Paul Warner can also be arranged on this website.

Ed Vaughn currently houses 3 rescued dogs. Strider, who is a German Great Dane, Ronan, a Standard Breed Great Dane, and Link, who is a lab coon-hound mix. In all Ed has housed 8 rescues.